Sunrise Glory

I tended to believe the forecast when the morning sunrise greeted me with an amazing show. Our month of below freezing temps with accumulations of snow piling up between layers of sleety ice only to freeze dry with cold east winds and near zero nighttime temps, changed with the barometer.

Originally, we expected the nighttime to bring a warm rain to re-ice the entire landscape, but the weather system stalled slightly. The delay in the moisture gave the frigid air a chance to warm to levels close to the freezing point. When the rain did come about mid-day, we skated by (yes, this is a pun) with just a small amount of silver thaw, leaving trees and wires mostly intact. Portland and East Counties did not fair as well, they were bound up with ice for several days. Major highways were shut down due to hazardous ice and blizzard conditions.

Here on the farm. We still had a lot of ice on the ground and roads as the warm rain puddled on the solidly frozen tundra. I attempted to walk down the driveway with its slight decline toward the county road. It was a slow-motion slide. Without moving my feet, I slid left, then right,then backwards down the driveway where the packed snow had turned into a sheet of slippery ice. Waving my arms frantically, I remained upright and was able to walk easily back up to the house by avoiding the packed area and stepping in the snow that had not been disturbed.


2 thoughts on “Sunrise Glory

    • I love watching the sometimes subtle changes that assist weather predictions. The beauty of it all gives me a sense of wonder and solitude even when all signs are pointing toward a stormy patch ahead!

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