Snow Frog

Mother Nature seems to be confusing for the amphibians.

A small green frog sits on the snow covered lawn.We still had snow and ice on the ground, but the warm rain that was causing puddles to form on top of all that cold seemed like a good spot for this little green frog to get in a few good laps before heading back to the safety of a dirt alcove.

I don’t think I have ever seen a frog in the snow before, at least I can’t ever remember the such a scene.

It appears that critters are ready to be done with the harshness of this winter.


2 thoughts on “Snow Frog

  1. All critters sure like our blue sky days. Have never heard so many folks say they’re tired of winter in January! I guess February is our usual snow month. Guess Moyer natures in charge but is confusing all of her critters.

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