Just Can’t Wait For Nature

Colorful primroses in planters.I grabbed by primrose planters before the heavy freeze, the blankets of snow and ice, and the eventual thaw. I put them in the garage (mud room) and forgot about them.

Several weeks went by and one day when I saw the sun pop out and the air temperature warm, I set the now blooming posies out for a bit of fresh air. They still look a little puny from their dark seclusion inside, but before long they will regain their bright green leaves and vibrant flowers.

I’m just too impatient for mother nature to supply me with a few blooms on her own.

This break in the winter gave me a chance to re-evaluate my spring plans and what needs to be done in the garden so that I will be ready when mother natures calendar and mine are on the same page. Fruit trees are now number one on the list, pruning has begun.


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