Peach Begins Nibbling

Peach is officially a creeper. A creep fed calf is one that is allowed access to concentrated food, that is in addition to grass and hay.

Our grass seed screening pellets are good for her sensitive tummy because it has no corn, wheat, animal by-products or chemicals. The pellets are compressed grass seed husks mixed with molasses.

Not all the calves will be creep fed. Since we feed Suduko and Peach in a controlled setting, we are able to allow Peach her time to try and enjoy the pellets without her mother swiping them from her.

At first she would only eat one or two pellets before diving into the manger full of hay. Now each feeding, she waits for the handful of pellets to be set in front of her so she can pick a few out.

Once she has eaten, she takes great pomp and circumstance to lay down like a big critter and regally chew her cud for an hour or more. She takes this eating thing very seriously, even if it is only a dribble.

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