Another Round Of Ice

We have barely lost the the last bit of snow that has been piled up in the ditches from the snow plow when we had yet another round of sleety ice pellets followed by a layer of frozen rain.

All the cow pies in the fields are frozen over with a shiny glaze. The ground is again slick to walk on and I have resorted to sacrificing yet another pair of pantyhose to provide traction while walking in barn boots.

The weather guessers are all atwitter with a new round of snow-dumping storms headed our way with 12 inches possible on the valley floor (Portland). Or we may get no snow at all. What kind of weather forecast is that? They explain that it is a very unstable system that is out in the ocean and keeps gathering moisture as it heads to shore. The more water it collects, the higher the chances are that we will get a wallop of winter in the next day or two. As of this writing, it has stalled a couple of times and delayed onset onshore by almost 48 hours.

I know that in early fall I had said that we needed a good, cold winter to kill the swarms of bugs that we had been battling the last couple of summers, but good gosh, I’m am ready to be done with season.


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