A Bow To The Weather Guessers

OK, I think it is time for me to eat a little crow.

A couple of days ago, I was lamenting about the weather forecasters and their description of snow in the forecast of being 1 inch to 1 foot of accumulation on the Valley floor (meaning Portland). To me that was not much of a forecast, it would be as if I made a broad statement such as ,”we may have a calf born this year, or maybe 12 calves, we will just wait and see.” I don’t think it would go over well with our cattle buyers.

This forecast did not go over well with me. Usually we listen to the news for the Portland area, then adjust for the cooler 1000′ feet of difference and the wetter difference of being closer to the Pacific Ocean. From the news on Saturday, I had no way of telling what we would be in for.

It started raining in Portland in the middle of the night as well as here on the farm. But before daybreak, it turned to a wet, sloppy snow as Portland continued with downpour rain.Early morning snow covering driveway and trees in the background.

By 8 a.m. the driveway and county road looked like a winter postcard. The ground was warm enough thaw much of the snow as it landed, but it was coming down so quickly that it could not melt fast enough to keep it from piling up.

Looking back over the weather forecast that had me in such a tiff, I have to admit the guessers were right. Portland ended up with over an inch of rain on this day. We had over a foot that had not melted.


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