A newborn Black Angus Calf in a pasture with mother cow.Our newest member of the herd was born on 2/11/17 to mother #68 Sapphire.

Welcome to the farm Blue, a frisky bull that weighed in at 72 lbs.

The heavens must be aligned strangely this year for this is the 3rd calf to be born on the wrong side of the river. Normally most babies are born down along the 6 acre field, up on the hillside or back by the spring. This is a rarity indeed.

Since the water is still high from the rain and melting snow pack, Blue was the second baby to be lifter and tipped into the box of the Gator where I unceremoniously climbed on top and held on for dear life as the rig bounced across soggy ground to the road, along the road to the bridge, over the bridge and back on a road down toward the river where the tires bogged down in the thick silt that had washed in.

I climbed off Blue as Mike slipped a rope halter on him and lowered him to the ground. When Sapphire saw him next to me on the far side of the river, she quickly swam across. I slipped the halter off of Blue and let the pair walk side-by-side up to the pasture where the other cow/calf pairs have been hanging out.

Sapphire was hungry and went straight to eating hay while Blue checked out the neighborhood and the other calves.


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