Have Mud, Will Play

Cows love to run down hill. It is quite comical to see an older animal weighing nearly a ton, kick up her heals and scoot down a hillside with her tail in the air and her bag wildly swinging side to side. Once they get to the bottom of the hill, the adult takes over and the cows are calm and peaceful.

Black Angus cow rubbing her head in mud.Mud is more fun than running down hill. This was the mud that washed into the nursery field from the hill side road.

This mama cow just couldn’t resist getting down on her knees and fighting the layer of mud. Her calf stood by watching the sight unable to understand why she was scrambling around on her knees.

Once her face was thoroughly coated with a thick paste of mud, the game was over and the cow returned to eating hay that we had set out for her meal.

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