Monsters From The Neighbors

700 lb. round hay bales.This unusually cool and damp (gross understatement) January and February is causing problems for our cattle herd.

Our square bales of sweet hay that we harvested last summer, will not last until the weather warms enough to let the spring grass grow. With the lack of forage, we had to go purchase hay from some of our Willamette Valley neighbors.  These round bales weigh about 700 lbs. each and take some levering to unwrap the plastic mesh that encases each one.

It took using the pickup and stock trailer 4 trips, each load carrying 4 bales, to replenish the 3 barns with enough hay to last through the season. At least that is the hope. Most farmers around the area and into the surrounding Willamette Valley are now out of hay for sale. Warmer weather and growing season can’t come too soon.

There is a lot of shoving and swearing involved just to get the darn things to roll over in order to get a 70 lb bale worth of feed off the massive thing, but this should provide enough feed until the grass fields produce enough to feed the cows.

The cats are enjoying the bales especially as the morning sun fills the barn and warms the top of the hay. This also puts the critters at my eye level so that when I walk by, the cat can get my attention easier and petting is doled out accordingly.


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