Pinched On Both Ends

Front and Back had their first close encounters of the veterinary kind. Because twins are usually born on the small side and they have to compete for their food supply, twins aren’t the vigorous growers that we need for herd sire prospects. Castration is a fairly simple procedure, if it is done when the bulls are only a week old. Banding young calves is a heavy rubber band that goes around the scrotal sack and constricts the cords that supply the sack. The pressure of the band lets the scrotum atrophy, shrivel and fall off after about 10 days without blood loss or invasive measures.

Both boys have been growing in size, strength and speed since their birth. They are used to one of us being in the pen with them when we are giving them the ‘green light’ to go nurse from #7. When Mike and I both stepped into the pen, they must of sensed that something was up because as we started unloading our equipment, hooves and tails were zipping this way and that way around the pen.

Back, the slightly larger of the two, was caught first. He was not wild about Mike fiddling around his backside while I slipped a rope halter around his head and encircled his neck and body with my arms. He danced around and tried his best to kick while swinging his tail furiously. Mike couldn’t get a good grip and gave up after about 10 minutes. We did manage to get an ear tag in him before letting him go. Back is officially #191.

Front was next. I slipped the halter on and held on around his neck and body. Mike was able to slip the castration band on quickly, then he got an ear tag #162.

We re-caught Back and tried again, this time we were able to complete the castration band.

Both boys are adjusting well and the veterinary visit didn’t hamper the two hungry calves who went right over to #7 for a hearty meal.


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