Milk Stupid Squared

Last year I had a post about Milk Stupid, relating  the funny aspects of nursing for newborn calves. milk-stupid .

With twins, that dopey, full-tummy, all-worn-out-from-nursing-look is multiplied. Although I have been trying to capture the boys with their black faces all slathered with cream, their tongues lolling out of the heads, and eyes all dreamy looking, it just doesn’t transfer well to photos. A young Black Angus all slathered with milk as it nurses.It is a very messy process for the calves and the mother. But rest assured that they are getting their fill of milk and have even taken a few drinks out of the water bucket and some nibbles of hay between feedings.

After the twins are satiated, they are receptive to visitors in the pen and welcome rub-downs and ear scratches. The ‘dopey-ness’ slows down their urges to run and scamper about. They become very cuddly before realizing that they are too tired to even stand around to be petted and bed down for a nap.

Front and Back are growing nicely, but still #7 is favoring Front and if left alone, will push Back away from eating. Time is running out for the cow to decide if she will care for Back since we will not be able to segregate them from the rest of the cow/calf pairs for much longer. Time is running out for this mother and her twins, the decision will need to be made soon so the trio can get out of the barn and into the wide open pastures where they do best.



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