Roz and Her Heifer

Roz delivered a heifer calf on 3/7/2017 weighing in at 62 lbs. The delivery was right in the middle of the main herd, in a couple inches of snow and on and off flurries.

Roz was very hungry and wanted nothing more than to eat hay that we had doled out for the herd. Between bites, she was mooing and cooing to Zima to nurse but there was a lot going on with snow and the rest of the herd.

Mother and newborn Black Angus in snow field.

Little Zima was so cold that her body temperature dropped before Roz could get her all cleaned off. We moved Roz and Zima into the barn to get away from the snow and to warm her enough so her jaw would work to nurse from her mama.

Two newborn calves on one side of the fence and the cow/newborn on the other.The twins, Front and Back watched from their own pen, fascinated with the sights and smells of the new mama and her calf.

This picture was taken after Zima was warmed inside and out after nursing. She was tired afterall the hard work of eating and laid down in the soft pine chips for a nap.

We were able to move both Roz and Zima out into the main herd the next day. As soon as the pair got into the field, the new baby was running and hopping helter-skelter around the other cows with no issues and enjoying the snow now that she was warmed up.

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