Don’t Tell JD

There are many rules associated with farm equipment. Safety rules are important and I do not condone  using equipment of any kind in an unsafe manner.

This time of the year, the rotary mower is attached to the back of the little tractor to add stability and weight when moving loads around. The surface of the mower is called a deck.

Please do not turn me in as a rebel by telling the John Deere company, but when just being used as stability,  the deck of the rotary mower is a dandy spot for me to sit and for the dog to travel as we haul stuff with the bucket or pallet teeth of the front-load tractor. It is like a built-in storage for hauling me and the dogs around.

Black and white dog riding on the deck of the rotary mower attached to tractor.You can see my boot on the right and Jackson on the left.

Jackson loves riding and seems to enjoy being bounced around as we go over the bridge or scoop out the barns.

Just as a reminder, this is our little secret, no need to go around telling stories…


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