New Growth In The Wildflower Garden

Those of you who are long time readers, know that I started a wildflower garden off the backside of the house a couple of years ago, in an effort to stabilize a dirt bank without planting grass that would later need mowing.

Last year, the flowers were in full bloom and looking quite lovely when we brought home the 4 kittens. The wildflower patch became their jungle and they would spend hours frolicking in, around, under and on top of my plants.

At first, we tried to keep the kittens out of the wildflowers, but it was so much fun watching them at play while they pounced, hid, chased and flattened every one of my plants. I figured the price of the seeds was minimal compared to the enjoyment we had watching the kittens grow throughout the summer.

In the fall, I left the bedraggled wildflower garden just as it was after the months of kitten attacks. All the dead vegetation was under our winter full of snows and feet of rain.

Today I see new growth from the lupine and California poppies, they are the first to break the surface since the weather has warmed. It will be interesting to see how many of the varieties of flowers will have either seeded themselves or will come back up from the roots.


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