Quiet and Respect

No one was able to sleep when all the bulls in the bull pen started bellowing. It was 5:30 in the morning and still very dark with no moon or stars showing. Mike knew exactly and stated that there must be a cow calving to upset the bulls from a peaceful night.

Sure enough, when I went out to the show barn, Quiet had a brand new baby boy on 3/25/2017, and weighed 80 lbs. At daybreak, I was able to get a few pictures.

Respect was born with his front legs weak from being curled up before delivery. He had a hard time standing at first because he would tremble and shake on the weak legs and slip down onto his knuckles. His face would drop down into the mud when this happened. We moved the pair into the barn where they could both get dry and warm.

After a couple of hours, Respect had figured out how to stand correctly and was scooting around his mother inside the barn, while nursing anytime he felt like it.

Heavy rains have required us to keep the mother and baby inside the barn for a couple of days to give Respect the time to strengthen before tackling the mud again.



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