Pressure and Pirelli

Pressure had a bull calf we named Pirelli,  born 3/26/2017 and he weighed 75 lbs.

A Black Angus cow eating hay with newborn calf laying close by.It was a miserable rainy day, but when we found Pressure and her baby, she had him all cleaned off, fed, and laying down for a nap.

Rather than disturb the new baby, we gave Pressure a couple of slabs of sweet grass hay next to the fence and under a large fir tree so the rain wasn’t too uncomfortable for the pair.

Pirelli, didn’t rouse from his nap and Pressure was able to get filled up before settling down next to the baby for a needed rest.

By the next morning, Pressure had moved Pirelli across the field by the hillside which gave the little one even more protection from the weather. Once the rain let up, she moved Pirelli out to the middle of the field and in with the main herd.

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