Soon-To-Be Field of Green

Right now this field looks like a muddy mess with tire tracks and goo coating everything. This is what a field looks like after we get the barns clean and 4 loads of wet manure has been spread out on it.

This spring was so wet that we were slow to get the barns clean. The loads from cleaning filled this field.

As soon as the soil dries out a bit from this extraordinarily wet March, and the ground firms up slightly, we will drag the harrow around and around this field to break up the larger pieces of manure.

After a few weeks the nitrogen rich muck will give the grass field a much needed boost after the hard winter. We will keep the cows off this field until the manure has dissipated into fertilizer and turns the grass green and lush for consumption.

The conversion is happening quickly because we have had several inches of rain over the last week even before we were able to get the harrow into this soggy field. Puddles sit all over this patch of ground and just barely start to sink in before more rain comes.

Mother Nature is not waiting for us to spread out this natural fertilizer with the harrow, she is doing a pretty good job without help.




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