Scooter And Segway

First time mama, #35 Scooter delivered a cute little heifer calf on 3/28/2017. Segway weighed in at 60 lbs. This was a good size for the young cow, it did not stress her out too much and it was easy on her baby also.

Mother cows in field with newborn calf.Needing food to help her produce needed milk for her new baby, Scooter didn’t wait for introductions to the main herd. Segway is learning how to fit in with everyone just hours after her birth.

In between bites, and while still having contractions to deliver the placenta, Scooter grabs bites of hay while checking on her new baby.

Segway is a noisy newborn, Newborn baby calf standing in grass field.and keeps reminding her mama that she is not so patiently waiting for the milk supply to fill her empty tummy. The cries for breakfast can be heard all over the 26 acre field.

Right now, Scooter only has her first milk called colostrum that is available for Segway. Colostrum is a very thick and rich substance that is high in calories and needed nutrients for newborns, but there is not a lot of it. Within a few days of delivery, Scooter will have her udder full of milk for hungry girl.


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