Meeting The Neighbors

Two young calves meet each other for the first time in grass field.Peach, who was born in February, got to meet her new pen-mate today.

Respect and his mother, Quiet, were turned out into the pasture now that the little bull calf has strengthened his front legs enough to cavort around the big field without doing an occasional face-plant.

You may still be able to see that his front legs are a little curved. The vet said that the structure is all correct and running around will clear up the small imperfection as he grows.

Quiet was very protective of her newborn and would shoo Peach away in the beginning, but before long the heifer had Respect running and hopping around the field with her. Running circles around Quiet became their favorite game.

Peach’s mother, Sitka, just took it all in as just another day as she grazed on the other side of the field.

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