Back To Spring

Clear back on February 23, I had mentioned that we had picked up a pallet full of lime and was waiting on the fields to dry out a bit so that we could spread it out onto the pastures and surrounding fields.

It has been a long wait, and even though it is raining this week, the torrential downpour that kept the farm a muddy mess has eased and the ground is firmer than it has been for the last 2 months.

The lime is needed to replenish what was washed out of the fields during all that rain and return the soil to a good pH level for growing grass and eventually hay. Lime is actually crushed limestone, a very good additive that adds no chemicals to the soil or the grass. And did I mention that the lime smells like roasted marshmallows?  I always look forward to working with the product, but it does make me long for a campfire.

John Deere tractor with a spreader on the back.The process of spreading the lime gives Mike a lot of tractor time between dodging the rain showers. As fields are coated with the white powder, the gates are closed and the cows are locked out so the natural process of decomposition and soil saturation can work without animal interference.

The cows will be able to revisit the fields in a few days.


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