Fortuitous Procrastination

One never runs out of tasks needed to be done on a farm.

It seems like life is a revolving list of things that needs to be done. Top of the list is always what is the current, most important item-usually critical. Things having to do with animal welfare, weather concerns, or my comfort are the highest priority.

Over the last couple of years, I have tended and neglected a DIY project just outside the kitchen, at the edge of the patio. It originally was a mini greens garden made from an old pallet. The slats on the one side made good barriers to retain moisture and control weed populations while allowing spinach, lettuces, mustard, kale, and cilantro to grow.

The first year, I had carefully tended the mini greens garden and was rewarded by fresh garden greens early and prolifically. Subsequent years were not as carefully manicured and switched from greens to savories like oregano, green onions, parsley, chives and thyme along with a smattering of seeds that had spread from the nearby wildflower garden.

Last year when we had the kitten invasion, the wildflower garden and the DIY pallet of savories became flattened from all the stalking, pouncing and general kitten antics.

During the fall, I contemplated the dismantling of the DIY pallet. All winter I continued to procrastinate. Even as weather warmed and spring flowers started to bloom I still did not get around to the clean-up of the pallet. A couple of days ago, a friend who was over-exhuberant while visiting the local nursery picked up several trays of greens and savories and unexpectedly gave me the overflow from her purchase.

Pallet of greens growing for a mini garden.Although it looks a bit tattered right now, rain is expected within the next 24 hours and the plants will be on their way to producing all through the summer, if I remember to water it.


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