First Fruit Tree to Leaf Out

An old crab apple tree starting to leaf out.In the garden, spring is urging the trees and plants to wake up. Some of the pear and plum trees have swelling buds and will bloom first then send out green leaves.

This old crab apple tree greens up with leaves first then opens pretty pink tinged white blooms.

Aside from the first green and bloom, I really hate crab apples. I don’t care to pick up the marble to golf ball sized fruit as it falls. I don’t like packing the buckets of the apples to the barn to feed to the cows and I really abhor cutting each itty bitty one so that the cows do not choke on them as they enjoy the fruit.

Many ask why I even keep this tree in the orchard. I have to admit that I do like the wizened old branches, memories of the tire swing that used to keep the kids busy during long days outside, and the shade that the tree gives while I sit on the log bench beneath the branches.Crab apple tree with log bench below.

During the summer, this spot is the place to sit and contemplate ideas, a place to plan and a place to calm.


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