Preggo Update

A calico cat and a black cat walk in the barn.On April 22 Grandma Cat, the black one, had her batch of kittens. On April 23 Momma Cat, the calico one, had her batch.

The mothers have come out of seclusion back to their nearly original weights.

It is unclear just how many kittens have arrived. Both cats had tunneled through the stack of remaining hay bales and delivered their kittens in a communal nest. In about 6 weeks, we will see the kittens as they emerge from their protected nursery.

It will be hard to tell just which kitten belongs to which mother since it appears that both cats are taking turns taking care of the bunch as one family.

All this activity has banned the adult boy cats away from the barn. We see them out hunting along the fence line every once and a while and they don’t seem to be going hungry. The mother cats are definitely in charge of the barn.


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