Cattle Shuffling

We had to do cattle shuffling to work with some of the older calves from this years crop. We separated five calves and kept two mother cows with them so they would not get frightened.calves separated from the momma cows by wooden fence.

Once in the barn, we moved one calf at a time into a squeeze corner and gave it a tagged number for its ear, before returning it to the pen with the two cows and other calves.

Three month old Angus calves with new yellow eartags.The process went quickly and within a matter of 20 minutes, the small batch was reunited with the rest of the herd.

Now we watch to match up the baby with the momma by noting ear tag numbers when the little one is nursing.

We will soon be separating some of the cow/calf pairs and need these identification tags to insure that we have the right pairs moved together.

So far we have #94, Plum with her baby Snowcap #17. #162, Opal with her baby Granite #15. And #68, Sapphire with her baby Blue #16.


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