Path From Barn Yard to Pasture

Two men and a dog on a Gatorteel fenceposts used to create fence through field.With the assistance of our right hand helper, Mike and Jackson set steel t-posts through the field for the temporary electric fence.

The fence will keep the herd from wandering through the grass that is growing for hay scheduled for late June and July.

The steel posts were the hardest part of putting up the fence. The wires that will be hooked to a small solar power unit are smaller round than a shoe string. The white string is plastic with thin, electricity conductive wires woven in. The herd is familiar with electrified boundaries and these strings are enough to keep the animals where they are supposed to be.

The wires are easy to drop to the ground in case the Gator is needed to travel cross-ways to the other side of the field for mole and gopher trap setting while the grass is still short enough for that task.

The path between the fence posts is wide enough to drive the Gator through. When we open the gate by the barn the cows run down the new path to the next pasture. When I use the word run, I mean it. I had to really scamper along to keep ahead of the herd in order to open the gate at the bottom of the path. They could easily break it down in an attempt to get at the next batch of fast growing grass.


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