Crossing Over

Cows and calves crossing river.Little and big alike plunge right in as they head across the river to the next area for the fast growing grass. Calves as young as a few hours old are able to ford the river. They walk upstream, right by their mothers side and the current holds them firm against the belly of their mom as they walk across.

The calf by itself in the middle is more than a month old and does not worry about being close to mom now that it understands how to ford the river by himself. On the other hand, the calf will never cross the river without being part of the herd. If he misses the event at the time the whole herd crosses, he will wait on the far side until his mother comes to escort him across. In the meantime, there is a lot of bellowing and crying back and forth until the family is re-united.

This herd was being sorted and moved this day so that they can graze around the far hay field. The field itself has already been closed off for grazing while the grass grows for the upcoming hay crop.

The herd is familiar with the the rotation of areas and are happy to move from one spot to the next with little prompting.


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