Commute Report: Off-Ramp Stall

We have a well traveled bridge. Since most of our property is on the other side of the river, along with the bulldozer, several tractors, the main herd and the momma cow with her twins, several trips a day are made over our personal bridge across the Nehalem Rivier.

During one of our trips on the way back to the house, we were involved in a commuter problem. As we crested the top of the bridge and headed down the other side, there was a momma cow and her calf resting comfortably on the rock road that leads off the bridge.

Black Angus cow/calf pair fournd a resting place on the road that takes off the bridge.The raised edges of the bridge made it impossible to go around this pair who were comfortably lounging in our path.

We stopped the Gator and waited for momma to stand, stretch and slowly move her calf out of the way.

Good thing we did not have to call a tow truck for this stall.


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