Loaner Herd On Duty

Our loaner herd of Plum with her calf Snowcap, Sapphire with her calf Blue, and good old Topanga were shipped a few miles over to another farm to do clean up duty.

You may recall several animals were sent to the same farm last year to assist a farmer who is no longer able to care for a herd of his own has lots of pastureland that needs trimming maintenance. Our loaner herd did a fine job last year with the guidance of Topanga so she returned this year to show the other two cow/calf pairs how to move from one pasture to the next by circuitous routes involving fences, gates, stands of timber, culverts and hilly terrain.

The loaner herd will remain on duty until the summer when the grass dries up. It will all depend on the weather for how long the group will stay on the farm.


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