Last Puddle In Driveway

I have to admit that my puddles may be bigger than most. I blame it on the heavy equipment like tractors and pickups with stock trailers that frequent my driveway. A lot of the responsibility however falls on the fact that we have slacked over the last couple of years with the amount of rock hauled and packed onto the surface. Just another one of those tasks that does not fall into the emergency category and gets forgotten during the summer and fall when it should be done.

Since January, every time we were down to one last puddle, we would get a week of rainy weather and all puddles would fill to the brim and more. This is very late in the spring, but I can finally say the last puddle in the driveway has finally dried up. I was so excited that I even tried to take a picture of the dried up puddle. I find that it is hard to capture on film what you are so excited about when it is something that is not there.

Last year we had to concentrate our rocking efforts across the river where our road to the outside feeders had completely disappeared. This year we are designating the driveway and the path out to the bull pen as first dibs. Looks like the path out to the show barn (the one I refer to as My Barn) may have to wait another year before it gets the attention it deserves. Until then, I will be patiently slogging through another rainy winter.



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