Moles, Gophers and Bull Thistles

Mike and the dogs have been running a set of mole and gopher traps in an effort to stop the mound-makers from reproducing during this busy time of the year. Once or twice a day, the trio head out to check the traps and reset the ones that have been sprung.

A black and white dog watching a man set a gopher trap in a pasture.Mike can only have one dog free at a time with the second one tethered to the Gator because two noses in his business at the same time makes it difficult to set the traps.

The dogs are alternated so they each get the same amount of gopher morsels to eat with gusto. They do not like the taste or smell of moles and will not eat them.

While the boys are trapping, I keep busy walking around the pasture with a shovel attacking bull thistles.A bull thistle that has been chopped out of the grass.

Although they are only a couple of inches tall right now they can get head high with barbs on all leaves and on the purple blossom. The cows eat around the thistles growing in the pasture and as the plant gets larger, more area is wasted for feed.

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