Pearl and Skitter

A black angus cow with newborn calf hidden in grove of alder trees.#92 Pearl had her brand new calf well hidden in the understory of brush under the alder trees.

We knew she had a calf but we did not know where. As I walked through the brush, a newborn calf was startled. The little one jumped up and started running away. Pearl was busy eating hay that we had scattered out for the herd. With all the chewing, she missed it when her calf jumped up and ran away from the herd and her safety of the tall brush.

We spent nearly a half hour looking for the wayward calf and realized that the baby must have tired and laid back down to nap and we could not find it. We had to rely on Pearl to finish eating first and then start bellowing to call the calf back to her. Which is just what she did.

The next feeding we found Pearl and her baby tucked once again under the big alder trees together. At this time we found out that on 5/4/17 Pearl had a heifer about 65 lbs. We decided to name her after her first adventure, welcome to the farm Skitter.

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