Update On Front And Back

The twin calves that were born back in February have been growing steadily and love to have opportunities to do exploring. They come back into the barn twice a day for a little grain and a few bites of hay but the rest of the time they have the outside pasture along the barn and the trail through the field from the barn to the river.

On this day Suzanna, their mother, and the twins were given the chance to graze out along the hillside below the area that had logging done in previous years. The dirt skid road was so enticing that the twins scooted, rolled and fought against the grass-less banks. Their mom let them play most of the day, she was busy finding luscious spring grass.

The chance to have wide open freedom was good for the trio. Suzanna is a good mother and never let the twins get too far away from her or each other. The main herd was moved to this same area about a week later so we moved Suzanna and her twins back to their regular pasture areas that had grown substantially over the week hiatus.


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