Suzy Q and Quartz

A Black Angus cow with newborn calf walking behind.Mother cow #64 Suzy Q led the way out of the shade and into the bright sunshine for her newborn on 5/10/2017.  Quartz the heifer calf weighed 71 lbs. and jogged along on unsteady legs as she joined her mother through the open gate.

Suzy Q was not hesitant about having her baby in with the rest of the main herd and the pair joined right in with feeding and grazing along the hillside.

The nice weather was a treat for the animals and Suzy Q was quick to get Quartz to take a nap in the full sun that warmed the short grass on the side hill. Quartz was joined in naptime with several of the other younger calves. For several hours they were just little black dots in the green grass as they soaked in the warmth.


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