Softly and Chief

5/10/17 was busy for the herd. A second calf was born on the same day as Quartz.

A Black Angus mother cow licking off a newborn calf.#99 Softly delivered a bull calf weighing in at 75 lbs.

We have been doing word play with the names of Softly’s offspring tied in to the old TV show Get Smart. Last years calf was named after Agent 99, we named her B. Felden. This years calf will be named after Maxwell Smart’s boss, Chief.

Using the wordplay is not only a way to come up with names after doing it for so many years. I averaged out the number of calves times the number of years we have been raising registered stock and figured that there have been about 1000 calves. That is a lot of names.

By connecting the offspring to the mother with this game I can remember who is who much better. Just the other day I was trying to remember the name of the first calf of the season. By knowing the name of the mother, Sitka, I was able to deduce that the baby’s name had to do with a tree. A light ruffle of my mental roll-a-Dex brought up the name Peach rather quickly.

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