Rosalie and Petals

5/11/17 was busy for Rosalie. She was delivering her baby but it was also time to eat. She was quite sure that she could do both at the same time.

Newborn heifer calf with Black Angus mother.Petals the heifer weighed 74 lbs. at birth. The moment that Rosalie had her baby cleaned off and standing up, she went back to eating in the tall grass.

The baby stayed close to mom as Rosalie was busy even though there was a lot of wobbly-legged flopping about.

Black Angus cow with newborn calf.It wasn’t too long before Petals figured out what to do with her long legs that she realized she was hungry and looked to Rosalie for something to eat. She started bumping along her mothers side until she found the source for the milk supply.

Mother cow still trying to expel afterbirth while newborn begins nursing.Petals starting nursing even before Rosalie was able to expel the afterbirth.

Rosalie took it all in stride and was very calm with her new calf even though she was hungry and busy with the post-partum  business as well.


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