Thinking Of Hay Season

I distinctly remember the end of hay season last July. We were cleaning the hay equipment and moving it into the barn for storage until the 2017 hay season that will be here in about a month.

It is a work of art to get all the equipment into storage and out of the weather. The Henry Loader has to be scooted inside in the flat position then raised tenderly so the top snuggles into the rafters without damage to the structure. The rake has to slip in at an angle to fit between the tire of the Henry and the middle posts of the barn. Next is the baler with its long snout where the bales eject, the snout has to nose in between the other end of the rake and the cement wall. The mower goes in last and has to be inside far enough so we can still close the gates.

With the main equipment stowed, the bale wagon, which is as large as the old farm truck was backed into the middle space in the barn. We had been having minor issues with the old bale wagon at the end of the season and had limped by with minor repairs. By putting the beast in the middle of the barn it would be easily accessible for maintenance during the wet, cold winter. Or at least that is what we said.

That was before the bulldozer needed a major overhaul, and the winter was very dark and cold, and procrastination got the better of us.

We are currently in the midst of pieces, lots of pieces. Replacement parts have been ordered. Hopefully we will have everything back to working order before hay season starts.


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