Light-footed Massage

A cow is enjoying a back scratch from a bird.I was out mowing grass between the pasture and the road and noticed one of the heifers with her head dropped low . At first I thought she was nibbling grass, but she was standing perfectly still.

That was when I noticed about 6 cow-birds running back and forth across her body. Cow-birds are small and a brown/grey color. They are unafraid when hanging around the cows in the field and are known to hitch a ride every now and then on a bovine as they look for small insects to add to their diet.

This heifer was enjoying the sensations along her skin and stopped moving so the tippy-tap of tiny feet would continue. The birds would jump off every now and again only to return to the task at hand (make that foot).

It was a fine day to be out in the sunshine and get a massage at the same time.

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