The Art Of Aging

I had always planned on growing old gracefully. My mother did it so well, I figured it would be a part of my DNA, my heritage or just for the fact that she showed me how.

But it appears that particular gene didn’t flow my direction. I now think that I will grow old not gracefully but kicking and screaming the whole way, or maybe that is just my bones, my joints and my brain matter talking.

The leaves of this aged trillium are turning russett color.Speaking of growing old gracefully, while in the woods I spotted a spring trillium well past the normal life cycle. This determined specimen sent up a second set of three leaves after blooming and tried to bloom again. All the while her main leaves have taken on a russet color and have lost the vibrant, shiny green of new growth.

Now this is truly growing old gracefully, a masterpiece in the forest.


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