Balli and Volcano

Finally, our last calf for this season has been born.

Black Angus Cow/calf pair.We first noticed the long legs of this newborn calf. Volcano weighed in at 88 lbs. born June 2, 2017.

His mother, #195 Bali had been showing signs of calving for the last couple of weeks and we expected her to calve any day. She was struggling with the weight of this calf and started limping about 10 days ago.

Now that Volcano is out into the world, Bali’s limping is easing with each day.

We found the pair close to the river where she calved. Mother and baby black angus crossing river.Within a few hours of birth, Bali led her baby through the river to join the rest of the herd. Volcano stayed right by Bali’s side as the water got deeper. The current held the baby fast to her soft side as he struggled for solid footing. By the time the water was deep enough to worry him, it started to get shallower signaling that they had made it safely to the other side.


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