Oh Yes They Are

I spotted them before the end of May, itsy-bitsy tomatoes have set on the cherry tomato plants that I started from seeds. The whole process started while the snow was on the ground in January and I have babied them along, periodically transferring them to larger and larger pots.Tiny tomatoes have started to form on the plants in the garden.

I finally unloaded, err passed out, err donated the last of the plants. This was after I had planted 27 of them into my garden. I had planted the 2 early batches in 5-block-pods with the plastic cover that can be lifted around them when the cool fall weather starts.

A row of tires on the right side of the garden are planters for tomatoes and potatoes.The rest are in a line of tires. The tires help gather warmth during the daylight hours and holds the warmth into the evenings.

A few plants in both the pods and in the tires have the small tomatoes forming.

When bragging to a friend about my line of tires all planted and showing this picture, I was asked how I could be eating veggies out of the garden when all it looks like I am growing is a bunch of sticks with seed packets on them. I gently pointed out that this is the second section of garden, the first section is where I have my cooler weather plants already growing. That is the greens, lettuce varieties, radishes, peas, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, etc.


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