Pasture Grass

pasture grass being mowed down.We are in the process of mowing down the pasture areas where the main herd graze until we have the hay harvested and those fields then open up for pasture also.

This is when I get to spend some quality time on the tractor with a rotary mower attached. The mowing is needed because the grass is getting too tall for the herd to graze it off effectively.

By mowing it down at this stage, the herd will pass through and eat the dried grass (along with those pesky Canadian Thistles) just as they would bales of hay. The weeds will be stunted by mowing the future flower and seed tips of the plants with still enough moisture in the ground to keep the grass growing.

Over the next couple of weeks as we are waiting for hay season to start, I will be spending quite a bit a quality time with these pasture fields while cutting the grass and weeds. Many times I will be working right along side the pasturing herd. The smart momma cows come running when they hear the tractor and know that a fresh meal is getting prepared for them.


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