Rolling This Way And That

Fog hanging around the hills on the far side of the pasture.Even before I had a chance for a morning cup of coffee, the fog was seen dancing and bopping around the hill.

This morning was a little unusual because of two types of fog forming at the same time. Just before the treeline, ground fog laid a blanket of white across the flat ground that was still and un-moving, while another layer of fog swirled slow configurations at the treetops. The middle area of the trees seemed unaffected by the moisture and was clear of fog as was the area closer to the house and barns.

Watching the scene from the comfort of the house was a wonderful way to begin the day as the fog played out at daybreak. The show this morning also reminded me that August is the month where, according to old farmers tales, counting foggy days in August belies the trend for snow days during the winter months. Since last years correlation of fog and snow seemed to be pretty accurate, I’m going to attempt the reporting again this year. Stay tuned…


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