Everything Has A By-Product

Reduce, Re-Use and Recycle is a slogan that has been around for a long time. On the farm we take it to heart and try to not let anything go to waste. We use the manure from the barns for fertilizer to enhance our fields and garden, broken equipment that cannot be used for parts goes to metal recycle, and the extra limbs, tops and broken logs become the firewood we use to heat the house.

A man is chopping firewood next to some logs.The process of decking the logs in the landing for easy access to be loaded by a log truck is a messy process. There are lots of board feet that are not ship-able for market.

Parts of logs that are not viable candidates for timber are chopped into small enough pieces for firewood and stacked to dry along the fence line of the pasture.

Once the hayfield has been harvested the stacks of wood will be hauled to the house so it can be re-stacked near the outdoor furnace for heat throughout the winter.

Keeping the landing clean of the debris makes it a safer place for decking and hauling logs while beginning to get a start on the 12-20 cord of firewood that we need for heat each year.

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