Cleaning Up The Barns

Preparing for hay season is more than just getting the equipment ready, the barns also have to be prepared.

Using a yellow wheelbarrow to move bales from one end of the barn to another.My right hand helper moved the left over hay bales from one end of the barn to the other end. With this part of the barn cleaned out, we can re-stack the new bales into the area easily.

Getting to this point of not having too much hay left over yet still having enough for the herd is a task that is constantly monitored throughout the winter and spring.

Because of the very wet and cold first part of the year, we did need to purchase some hay to add to what we harvested in order to make it until this point. Moving a hundred bales or so is a small job compared to the actual hay season where we count bales in the thousands.

With this barn cleaned up and ready for the upcoming harvest we can move onto cleaning up the other two barns that are for hay storage.


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