First Day Of Hay Season

A grass field cut into windrows, the first step in the hay process.The first day of the first field has been mowed into windrows behind the tractor. It is officially the first day of hay season, my FAVORITE season of the year!

My right-hand-helper asked how and why hay season was my favorite. It seems like the long, hot days working in the open sunshine while throwing bales of hay into stacks on the truck would dampen enthusiasm. Or the air sucking heat of the gables in the barn when the bales need to be lifted up onto the haystack. Or the lug, lug, lug of monotonous tractor time as the rows along the field get mowed, fluffed, raked, baled and picked up.

My answer with a grin, is that hay season is my favorite because when the two weeks of extreme workload is completed, it feels so good to see the barns filled to the brim with the sweet hay that will last all winter long. So, I love hay season!


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