A New Do

With the fourth and last field mowed flat then fluffed, it was time to start raking the rows of grass so the baler could come in to make the dried hay into bales.

A long distance shot of mowed field with fir trees in background. As I came around the third turn and headed to where I began raking the field, I spotted a large something out near the middle of the field. Even with the camera zoomed as far as it was capable, it is hard to see the object. It is that darker spot located toward the line of fir trees to the left of the center of the picture.

After a few more rounds in the field, I was able to get A large mass spotted in hay field.a closer view of my unidentified mass. In this picture it is that rounded bump on the left and a smaller bump to its right. I could just imagine a creature akin to ‘Nessie’ the Loch Ness Monster skimming her way through the heat waves coming off the hay field.

Pile of hay whipped up by mini twisters.

Once I got a chance to get a close enough picture to view the object, I realized that a mini-twister, a swirling gust of wind had whipped 5 or 6 rows of mowed grass into a large beehive hairdo right there in the field. The pile left behind was a big as the tractor. It was too big to run the rake through it so it had to be pulled apart by Mike as I raked the my way toward the middle of the field.


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