Don’t Forget The Cleanup

A Stackliner full of hay leaving the field.It is with a big sigh of relief to watch the last load of hay being removed from the field and headed for the barn.

Now comes the real work.

Each piece of equipment that was taken into the field to produce the hay now needs to be moved back to the storage barn and cleaned up before being stowed away until next year.

Since this last field is the longest distance away from where it is stored, the tractor will need to make a trip up the county road and in our dirt road to the equipment. It will take most of the morning to get the baler, the fluffer, the rake and the Henry Loader (the elevator that hooks onto the side of the truck) back to the house and across the river to be cleaned. The truck had already been moved to the house the previous with its last load already unloaded.

Dirt clouds up around the equipment as a heavy duty blower is hooked up to a generator. Every nook and cranny of each piece of machinery is cleaned out. It is a very messy job and by the end of the work day we look dirtier than the machines that were being cleaned.

My right-hand-helper is proof.



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