Repairs Needed For Hay Equipment

As we were maneuvering each piece of hay equipment into the barn after being cleaned up, we were remembering all the repairs that will need to be done before the hay season of the summer of 2018.

We limped through the end of hay season knowing about the repairs that are needed but was able to get by until the last bale. The biggest repair issue is the the side arm of the elevator on the bale wagon. This is heavy metal that broke and will need some major welding to get the part solid with its base. The emergency repair done during hay season includes a strap of metal fastened with bolts and firmed up with wraps of baling twine. It doesn’t look pretty, but it got us through the season without losing valuable time in the field.

These repairs will be put on hold for the summer months with the goal of completion during the winter or early spring. In reality, these repairs may be last minute just before we start the new hay season.

At least for now I have them documented so that if the fix-it-bug does hit we will remember what the needs are.


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