Dud Spuds

Row of tires used to grow potatoes and tomatoes.All during hay season I watched the garden grow and green up.

The row of tires that have tomatoes on the far end are growing nicely and the second half of the row was showing green growth where I had planted seed potatoes.

Now that hay season is over, I have had a chance to look at the potatoes and realized the green growth I was seeing was not potatoes at all but lush pig weeds growing where the spuds are supposed to be.

I do believe I got a hold of a few dud spuds. The Yukon Gold and Baker varieties are not even showing yet but the fingerling are growing well. It is now too late in the season to replant the potatoes. I doubt if I would be able to find any still to be sold.

So for this year it will be more salsa and less country fries coming from the garden.


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