Make Way The Path

Pole saw leans against fir tree in the woods.On the hill where Mike is working on cleaning up the damage from the harsh winter, small branches off the fir trees stick out into the skid road that he had made with the bulldozer. These small branches slap at him as he drives through.

My job is with my handy-dandy saw-on-a-stick to trim the branches that hang into the skid road.

Last month a branch bigger than the ones seen here in the picture, slapped Mike so hard that it knocked his glasses off his head. He found them moments later, right after he drove over them with the dozer. With my cell phone handy, a quick call to the eye doctor got his new glasses ordered within minutes of the mishap. His bloody nose took more time than that to heal from the wounds.

Trees being dragged behind a bulldozer.Cleaning up these pesky branches is rewarding work. It is nice walking or driving through the trees without getting all scratched up or slapped in the face.

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